170324 [News] CNBLUE’s ‘7°CN’ EP Revitalizes Sound With Synthrock & Funk

March 24th, 20170 Comments »

Pop rock isn’t quite dead in the world of Korean idols, and K-pop band CNBLUE has been at the forefront of the idol-band movement since their start in 2010. But with the release of their seventh EP 7°CN, the quartet moved slightly away from their soft rock leanings — which has elicited comparisons to Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz — to breathe some fresh life into their increasingly music with the addition of polished electronic elements.

One of their most innovative album in years, 7°CN is filled with genre-blending tracks. Led by the upbeat synth-rock single “Between Us,” a propulsive fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and Top 40 dance music, the album also features the brassy funk of “It’s You” and the smooth electronica of “When I Was Young.” CNBLUE’s more traditional rock sound can be heard on “Calling You” and “Manito,” and the album’s final track, the polyrhythmic electronic-acoustic hybrid “Royal Rumble,” which is the Korean version of a track originally unveiled on the band’s Japanese Euphoria album last October.

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