170325 [News] CNBLUE talk about their comeback and 7th album in an exclusive interview

March 25th, 20170 Comments »

Boy band CNBLUE recently sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss their comeback and 7th mini album promotions.

Jonghyun commented, “It’s been one year. We apologize to our Korean fans for making them wait so long. We are planning to perform diligently in our homeland this year… It’s not a joke. We are serious about our performances.” Minhyuk talked about the band’s latest 7th mini album ‘7℃N’, saying, “We are confident since all the songs are good.”

CNBLUE’s new song “Between Us“, written by Yonghwa and Justin Reinstein, illustrates the confusing emotions one has for his/her significant other. Jonghyun said, “We focused mostly on pop music in the past. This one sets a heavier tone…”

Yonghwa commented on working with the New York-based composer for a total of three days, “It was really fun working with foreign composers in the studio.”

Meanwhile, CNBLUE’s  ‘7℃N’ topped music charts upon release.

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