[2.22.2010] SeoHyun @ SBS Radio 1010club

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SeoHyun was asked about her brand new marriage to Jung Yong Hwa during the 1010club radio show.

Subs credit: SweetPotatoSubs

Translations by mluvzsx3@soompi below the cut:

(Q=radio hosts)

T: Yes Seohyun is married now…
Q: Oh right, CN Blue’s Jong Yong Hwa…
S: Yeah
Q: So how is he? Is he fun?
S: uh… at first it was really awkward but now that we have filmed twice. it’s a LITTLE more comfortable… so…
Q: How about Yonghwa’s personality?
S: His personality.. he’s someone who likes to fool around a lot… uh…
Q: Is he someone that you can live with?
S (in surprise): Not to live with yet!
Everyone starts laughing
Q: Right.. not yet…

Q: Now that you are married someone asked, out of all the members, who is the most jealous? Seohyun, who is it?
S: Uh… Hyoyeon unni!
Everyone laughs
(They say something… not sure what)
H: No… she is my roommate! She is my roommate and she has started doing things she didn’t used to do. Like she seems to be texting a lot and also, her books. Books, Seohyun usually reads books about studying well, but now she is reading books about love… I was very surprised. But she got that as a gift so I can understand, … but from the side, it was easy to be jealous.
Q: Yeah you get the sense of romance…
H: Yeah, and I want to experience it…
Sooyoung: Yeah, I was the member that wanted to get married before 24…
Everyone laughs
Q: I will be looking forward to skinship
Room fills with Aww’s, shrieks, and laughs
Sooyoung: No, no, no. YOU CAN’T HOLD HANDS!

Seohyun: I can’t do aegyo. Even though I am the maknae, Sunny uses so much aegyo so everyone thinks she’s the maknae. So an oppa next to me asked if I was the leader because I am tall as well… (sigh) Unnie, I am jealous of you…

Seohyun: Uh, what should I say. Uh, I wish that I can stop liking sweet potatoes! (I think she said this..)
Q: Why?
Seohyun: The reason is that I like them SO much that I ate them SO MUCH that my hands and face became really yellow. It was so strange. I thought I was sick. So I even went to get a check up, but they said that the reason was because of that.
Q: Is it really that reason?
S: Yes!
Q: Not because you are afraid the baby will steal it?
S: No!
Q: Well since it is healthy, it is alright. And it lets you fart a lot…
Explosion of laughter from Soshis

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    hyoyeon is soo prettyyyyyyyy


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