Some helpful guides:
[WGM Filming] – a filming date
[Episode #] – the broadcast date of a particular episode
February 2010
Feb 11-12 [WGM Filming] First meeting
Feb 12 [WGM Filming] Showing the rings mission at Music Bank
Feb 17 [WGM Filming] Date at bookstore and amusement park
Feb 22 Hyun talks about Yong @ SBS Radio 1010Club
Feb 23 [WGM Filming] Trip to Insadong (music store) and future house
Feb 25 Yong talks about Hyun on Love Radio
Feb 27 [Episode 1] The First Meeting
March 2010
Mar 3-4 [WGM Filming] Meeting with the CNBLUE in-laws and Sauna Trip
Mar 05 CNBLUE & SNSD on stage as finalists for Music Core
Mar 06 [Episode 2] Dinner at Shindang-dong and Couple Things Shopping
Mar 13 Hyun shows her ring on KBS Story Show Delight (aired May 4)
Mar 13 [Episode 3] Bookstore and amusement park date
Mar 16 [WGM Filming] 22-Day Celebration: blood donation; watch Avatar; open a couple bank
account and, pick decoration motifs for their newlywed house
Mar 19 [WGM Filming] Episode 8 interviews. Meet-up to receive new mission
Mar 19 Starry Starry Night Radio Interview. Hyun is asked to choose Johnny Depp or YongHwa
Mar 20 SNSD are guests on WinWin and Hyoyeon spills the beans on their maknae
Mar 20 [Episode 4] Playing Falling Slowly and buying a guitar
Mar 24 -25 [WGM Filming] Operation Sunrise at Jeongdongjin Beach
Mar 26 YongHwa at Baeksang Awards
Mar 26 Yong’s interview during the Jeju NII Photoshoot airs. He was asked about Hyun
Mar 26 ~ROKS Cheonan Tragedy~
Mar 27 [Episode 5] Sando-dong house visit
Mar 31 [WGM Filming] Housewarming
April 2010
Apr 05 MBC Labor Union goes on strike
Apr 06 CNBLUE in Thailand
Apr 07 [WGM Filming] Hyun surprises Yong at the airport & grocery shopping
Apr 20 WinWin Episode with SNSD Airs
Apr 21 YongHwa diagnosed with vocal cord nodules
Apr 24 [Episode 6] Hyun meets her CNBLUE in-laws
May 2010
May 01 [WGM Filming] Morning exercise & visit from Hyoyeon
May 04 [WGM Filming] Seobu (Westside) driver’s license center (written exam)
May 12 [WGM Filming] Seobu (Westside) driver’s license center (driving course test)
May 13 News reports that Hyun gave Yong propolis (honey) because of his vocal nodules problem
May 16 Yong talks about Hyun in an interview for Singles Magazine
May 22 *Sweet Potato 100th Day Anniversary*
May 22 Yong drops his ring during taping for MBC Music Core
May 22 Dream Concert 2010
May 22 [Episode 7] YongSeo and CNBLUE in-laws go to a sauna
May 23 CNBLUE fan-signing. Yong wears the ring as a pendant.
May 23 Interview backstage at Inkigayo. Yong reveals that he wears the ring on a chain
May 24 [WGM Filming]
May 24 A sick Yong collapses after WGM taping and is taken to the hospital
May 27 YongHwa released from the hospital
May 29 [Episode 8] 22-day Anniversary Celebration
June 2010
June 01 CNBLUE Photoshoot for Vogue Girl. Yong talks about his illness and Hyun.
June 05 [Episode 9] Couple account opening and train ride to Jeongdongjin beach
June 08 [WGM Filming] Apgujeong
June 10 Recording for MBC Change the World Quiz
June 12 [Epsiode 10] On the train to Jeongdongjin beach
June 15 [WGM Filming] Shopping at Home Plus with CNBLUE
June 19 [WGM Filming] YongSeo couple guest MC on MBC Music Core
June 19 [Episode 11] Jeongdongjin beach and moving in to the Sangdo-dong house
June 22 YongHwa’s 21st Birthday (22nd for Koreans) ★Happy Birthday★
June 22 Yong’s guest appearance on WinWin is broadcasted.
June 23 CNBLUE event in Japan
June 24 CNBLUE back in Seoul for music shows
June 24 Yong talks about Hyun’s honest character in an interview, “I think she makes a good partner.”
June 24 Hyun tapes a star call & talks about playing the guitar on WGM
June 25-26 CNBLUE events in Japan
June 26 [Episode 12] SNSD in-laws come to help them move in (Khuntoria couple’s debut)
June 26 Broadcast of MBC Change the World Quiz
June 27 CNBLUE playing a show in Busan (Yong’s hometown). YongHwa was asked about his marriage.
June 28 Hyun’s 19th Birthday (20th for Koreans) and fan-meeting ★Happy Birthday★
June 29 [WGM Filming] Fishing in GangHwa-do
June 30 CNBLUE interview on Cool FM
July 2010
July 03 [Episode 13] Hyun’s surprise welcome at the airport
July 05 CNBLUE interview on Power Time Radio
July 06 YongHwa KBS Happy Birthday Recording
July 07 CNBLUE SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate Recording
July 10 [Episode 14] Cooking together
July 10 SeoHyun at driver’s license center *rumor*
July 10 YongHwa KBS Happy Birthday Recording
July 11 YongHwa vs Onew on KBS Night Star
July 12 YongHwa SBS Star King Recording
July 14 CNBLUE @ The Muzit – YongHwa asked about his ideal type and whether he is in love with his virtual wife
July 16 SNSD @ The 48th Gyeongbuk Sports Festival Opening Ceremony
July 17 [Episode 15] Morning exercise and start the driving license mission
July 18 SNSD @ SBS My Friend Haechi
July 22-24 SNSD in Japan to film MV
July 22 YongHwa talks about his ring during a NII photoshoot interview (Broadcast)
July 24 [Episode 16] Written exam for driving license
July 24 SNSD @ Cabi Mini-Concert. Hyun spotted wearing a (new?) ring
July 31 [Episode 17] Driving course exam and picnic with Hyoyeon and JungShin
July 31 Listen to the CNBLUE concert in Korea
August 2010
Aug 03 [WGM Filming] Hair salon
Aug 03 DCGallery fans sent gifts to Yong and Hyun while they were filming at a park
Aug 03 SeoHyun with CNBLUE at a Make A Wish Event
Aug 04 CNBLUE @ MNET the Beatles Code Filming
Aug 06-13 SNSD @ Phuket, Thailand
Aug 07 [Episode 18] Yong’s Genie dance and Hyun’s banmal bet penalty
Aug 07 CNBLUE @ NII Fansigning in Busan
Aug 07 CNBLUE @ Green Number One Performance
Aug 09 YongHwa filming for Running Man
Aug 12 CNBLUE @ MNet Beatles Code (Broadcast date)
Aug 13 [WGM Filming] Practice for the duet performance *estimated date
Aug 14 [Episode 19] Playing pool and piggyback ride
Aug 17 [WGM Filming] Special Episode with the Adam and Khuntoria couples for the horror special
Aug 20-21 Listen to the CNBLUE Concert – Singapore
Aug 21 [Episode 20] Making kimchi and CNBLUE dorm visit
Aug 21 SMTown Concert
Aug 25 SNSD Showcase in Japan
Aug 26 Listen to the CNBLUE Concert – Hong Kong
Aug 26 SNSD on Mezamashi Live
Aug 26 YongHwa @ HaHaMong Show Filming (Broadcast on September 12)
Aug 28 [Episode 21] Cooking in CNBLUE’s dorm
Aug 28 CNBLUE concert @ Chuncheon
Aug 29 [WGM Filming] Incheon Korean Music Wave. Performing Run Devil Run and Love Light together. Filming also occurred at their house before and after the concert
Aug 29 *Sweet Potato Couple 200th Day Anniversary*
Aug 30 SeoHyun @ Superbad Press Conference
September 2010
Sep 01 [WGM Filming] YongHwa & SeoHyun meet Ueno Juri
Sep 01 CNBLUE @ MBC Incheon branch opening
Sep 02 SNSD flight to LA
Sep 03 CNBLUE @ Korea Broadcast Awards
Sep 04 SNSD @ SMTown in LA
Sep 04 [Episode 22] The one where they play pool with CNBLUE
Sep 04 CNBLUE @ Daejeon Hana Green Concert
Sep 05 CNBLUE @ LG Dream Festival
Sep 07 SeoHyun @ Superbad/Despicable Me Premiere
Sep 8-11 CNBLUE @ Thailand
Sep 11 Listen to the CNBLUE – Thailand
Sep 11 SNSD @ SMTown in Shanghai
Sep 11 [Episode 23] WGM Special: Ueno Juri
Sep 13 YongHwa @ filming for Running Man (ep. 11)
Sep 14 SNSD leaves to Japan
Sep 16 CNBLUE @ Japan
Sep 18 CNBLUE @ Japan
Sep 18 SNSD @ Girls Award in Japan
Sep 18 [Episode 24] WGM Special: Horror Episode. Appearance with all WGM couples.
Sep 20 CNBLUE @ Japan
Sep 21 [Chuseok Special] Rerun
Sep 21 [WGM Filming] Filming in Japan
Sep 22-25 CNBLUE @ Taiwan
Sep 23 [Chuseok Special] Rerun
Sep 25 Listen to the CNBLUE – Taiwan
Sep 25 [Episode 25] Double birthday trip
October 2010
Oct 1-3 Listen to the CNBLUE – Shanghai
Oct 01 SNSD head to Japan
Oct 02 [Episode 26] Yong’s birthday surprise to Hyun – sweet potato field gift
Oct 04 YongHwa @ MBC Come to Play (broadcast date)
Oct 05 CNBLUE @ Asia Pacific Supermodel Contest
Oct 08 CNBLUE @ Pusan International Film Festival
Oct 09 [Episode 27] Fishing at Ganghwa-do, secret of Love Light is revealed, new couple rings
Oct 10 CNBLUE @ Jump Guro Closing Ceremony
Oct 10 SNSD @ Tokyo Disney Sea
Oct 11 [WGM Filming] Driving a truck
Oct 13 SNSD @ Kiko Citizen Awareness Cultural Festival
Oct 16 [Episode 28] Salon meeting and duet mission
Oct 16-17 SNSD @ Into the New World Concert in Taiwan
Oct 16 CNBLUE Fanmeeting in Seoul(canceled)
Oct 19 CNBLUE @ MNet Music Awards CF Filming
Oct 20 CNBLUE @ Acoustic Premiere
Oct 20 YongHwa @ SBS Night After Night Recording
Oct 21 [WGM Filming] Filming at an aquarium *rumor*
Oct 23 [Episode 29] Incheon Concert duet
Oct 23 YongHwa @ The Suitehouse Fansigning
Oct 23 YongHwa @ Chang Kwang Hyo Show, Seoul Fashion Week
Oct 23 SNSD @ Korean Pop Night in Singapore
Oct 24 SNSD @ KIA Motors Harmony Hope Dream Concert in Gwangju
Oct 25 YongHwa filming SBS Running Man in Japan
Oct 27 YongHwa @ SBS Night After Night Recording
Oct 28 CNBLUE @ Japan Fanmeeting
Oct 29 YongHwa @ Cesare Paciotti Seoul Store opening
Oct 29 SNSD @ SBS Daejong Film Awards
Oct 30 [Episode 30] School Uniform Date
Oct 31 SNSD Comeback at Inkigayo (with MC YongHwa)
November 2010
Nov 01 SNSD @ SuKiRa (SuJu Kiss the Radio)
Nov 03 CNBLUE @ Seoul Tokyo Music Festival (Saitama, Japan)
Nov 03 SNSD @ SBS KJE Chocolate Recording
Nov 04-05 CNBLUE @ Thailand
Nov 06 [Episode 31] Japan meeting
Nov 06 CNBLUE @ Lee Soo Geun & Kim Byeong Man Gag Concert
Nov 06 SNSD @ G20 Special Hope Road Concert
Nov 06 SeoHyun, TaeYeon, Sunny, YuRi, SooYoung @ Happy Together recording *rumor*
Nov 07 CNBLUE @ YongSan IPark Square Hope Concert
Nov 09 SNSD @ fansigning
Nov 09 [WGM Filming] *rumor*
Nov 12 SNSD @ SBS Radio YoungStreet
Nov 13 SNSD @ fansigning
Nov 15 SBS Love Sharing Concert (hosts YongHwa, JoKwon, YoonA)
Nov 15 SNSD @ SBS Star King Recording
Nov 16 SNSD @ KBS Night Star Recording
Nov 16 SNSD Fan-signing
Nov 16 CNBLUE @ 2010 Style Icon Award
Nov 19 SeoHyun, Sunny, yuri, HyoYeon @ Hottracks Fan-signing
Nov 20 [Episode 32] Visit to GogumaLand Kawagoe, Japan
Nov 25 CNBLUE @ NII Fan-signing
Nov 27 [Episode 33] Night in Japan
Nov 30 [WGM Filming] YongSeo couple in Busan
December 2010
Dec 02 SNSD @ 12th Sino-South Korean Concert
Dec 04 SNSD @ FNS Music Festival
Dec 04 [Episode 34] Goguma Harvest
Dec 07 *Sweet Potato Couple 300th Day Anniversary*
Dec 11 [Episode 35] King Shrimp Date and Banmal Song reveal
Dec 14 [WGM Filming] YongSeo @ Oak Valley Ski Resort
Dec 15 SNSD and CNBLUE @ Melon Music Awards
Dec 16 YongHwa @ MBC Icon recording with JongHyun
Dec 17 SNSD and CNBLUE @ KBS Music Bank Year-End Special
Dec 18 [Episode 36] Couple Song Mission
Dec 18 CNBLUE ‘Feel the Blue’ Concert in Seoul
Dec 24 CNBLUE @ Christmas Eve concert in Busan
Dec 25 [Episode 37] The one where Yong piggy-backed Seohyun
Dec 25 SNSD and CNBLUE @ MBC Music Core Year-end Special
Dec 26 [WGM Filming] Banmal Song recording @ Sangdo-dong House + wedding photoshoot mission
Dec 27 Banmal Song uploaded on Youtube
Dec 28 [WGM Filming] Wedding Photoshoot
Dec 29 SNSD and CNBLUE @ SBS Gayo Daejun
Dec 30 SNSD and CNBLUE @ KBS Gayo Festival
Dec 31 SNSD and CNBLUE @ MBC Gayo Daejun



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