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January 2011
Jan 01 [Episode 38] Recording UCC of Banmal Song
Jan 07 YongSeo’s Banmal Song reached 2 million views
Jan 08 [Episode 39] Busan trip + meeting YongHwa’s mother
Jan 09 CNBLUE Zepp Tour “Re-Maintenance” @ Osaka
Jan 11 CNBLUE Zepp Tour “Re-Maintenance” @ Fukuoka
Jan 13 CNBLUE Zepp Tour “Re-Maintenance” @ Nagoya
Jan 14 YongHwa’s 처음 사랑하는 연인들을 위해 (For First-time Lovers) Digital Single released
Jan 15 [Episode 40] Meeting YongHwa’s childhood friends
Jan 16 CNBLUE Zepp Tour “Re-Maintenance” @ Tokyo
Jan 17 SNSD’s Visual Dream (Promotional song for Intel-Asia) released
Jan 18 SNSD’s Visual Dream performance for Intel promotion
Jan 19 [WGM Filming] Myungdong filming
Jan 19 YongHwa’s filming for KBS Gag Concert
Jan 20 SNSD and CNBLUE @ 2011 Seoul Gayo Daesang
Jan 22 [Episode 41] Visit to YongHwa’s highschool + Yonghwa prepares breakfast for Seohyun
Jan 25 SNSD @ SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo
Jan 25 CNBLUE’s Holika Holika promotion in Thailand
Jan 26 SNSD @ SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo
Jan 26 [Episode 42] Health check-up
February 2011
Feb 05 [Episode 43] Health check-up + massage
Feb 08 CNBLUE’s Live DVD promotion in Japan
Feb 10 [WGM Filming] YongHwa gives SeoHyun his handmade scarves
Feb 11 *Sweet Potato Couple’s 1st Year Anniversary*
Feb 12 [Episode 44] Snowboarding
Feb 19 [Episode 45] Night at ski resort + make-up
Feb 21 SNSD in Japan promoting their new CF for e-ma
Feb 26 [Episode 46] Wedding photoshoot part 1
Feb 28 SNSD @ 2011 Seoul Art and Culture Awards
March 2011
Mar 01 SNSD’s WoongJin Coway Water Filter CF filming
Mar 02 CNBLUE’s recording for SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate
Mar 04 YongHwa’s Hazzys CF released
Mar 05 [Episode 47] Wedding photoshoot part 2 + SeoHyun gives YongHwa a handmade scarf
Mar 07 CNBLUE’s 1st Full-length Album Teaser released
Mar 07 YongHwa’s recording of SBS Running Man with Daesang of Big Bang
Mar 12 [Episode 48] YongHwa lost the scarf + Myungdong shopping date part 1
Mar 12 SNSD and CNBLUE @ MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok
Mar 13 Yonghwa’s last MC recording for SBS Inkigayo
Mar 14 CNBLUE’s 1st Full-length Album Teaser 2nd Version released
Mar 14 [WGM Filming] Filming for YongSeo’s happiest day (FINALE)
Mar 17 Yonghwa’s recording of MBC Quiz to Change the World with Jungshin
Mar 19 [Episode 49] Ice Skating + YongHwa revealing the couple scarves he personally knitted
Mar 21 CNBLUE’s 1st Full-length Album “First Step” released
Mar 21 CNBLUE’s “First Step” Showcase @ Seoul YoungDeungPo Time Square
Mar 22 CNBLUE’s participation for KBS Special Live Hope Concert for Japan Relief Fund ( Minhyuk and Jungshin only)
Mar 23 CNBLUE’s recording for MBC Music Core
Mar 24 SNSD’s poster photoshoot for WoongJin Coway Water Filter CF
Mar 24 CNBLUE’s Mnet M! Countdown Comeback Stage Performance
Mar 24 CNBLUE’s Mnet “CNBLUE’s First Step”
Mar 25 CNBLUE’s KBS Music Bank Comeback Stage Performance
Mar 26 CNBLUE’s Fan Signing Event @ YoungDeungPo Time Square
Mar 26 Broadcast of MBC Quiz to Change the World guesting with Jungshin last Mar.17
Mar 26 Broadcast of CNBLUE’s recorded performance for MBC Music Core
Mar 26 [Episode 50] YongSeo’s happiest day (FINALE) part 1
Mar 26 Broadcast of CNBLUE’s KBS Entertainment Relay- “ We lend you a camera”
Mar 27 CNBLUE’s SBS Inkigayo Comeback Stage Performance
Mar 27 CNBLUE’s Fansigning Event @ Myungdong
Mar 29 CNBLUE’s Recording for KBS YooHeeYeol’s Sketchbook
Mar 29 CNBLUE’s Recording for Open Concert
Mar 30 SeoHyun visited WGM Studio to show gratitude towards the studio members and panels.
Mar 30 CNBLUE’s Recording for SBS Inkigayo Campaign Song
Mar 31 CNBLUE won 1st place for Mnet M! Countdown
Mar 31 SeoHyun attended MCM 2011 S/S Collection with Hyoyeon and Yoona
Mar 31 YongHwa’s Recording of SBS strong Heart with Jungshin
April 2011
Apr 01
CNBLUE won 1st place for KBS Music Bank
Apr 02
[Episode 50] YongSeo’s happiest day (FINALE) part 2
Apr 02
CNBLUE’s Fan Signing Event @ Ilsan
Apr 03
SNSD’s Performance @ Lotte World
Apr 03
CNBLUE’s SBS Inkigayo Performance
Apr 03
CNBLUE’s Fan Signing Event @ YongSan
Apr 07
CNBLUE’s Guesting for SBS Rdio- ChoiHwaJung’s Power Time
Apr 07
CNBLUE’s Mnet M! Countdown Performance
Apr 07
CNBLUE’s “First Step” Special Limited Edition Album released
Apr 08
CNBLUE’s Guesting for KBS Radio- OkJuHyun’s GayoGwangJang
Apr 08
CNBLUE’s KBS Music Bank Performance
Apr 09
YongHwa’s Recording for KBS Happy Together
Apr 09
CNBLUE’s MBC Music Core Perfomance 9pre-recorded on 4/2/2011)
Apr 09
CNBLUE’s Recording for Mnet Msoundplex
Apr 10
CNBLUE’s SBS Inkigayo Performance
Apr 10
CNBLUE’s Fan Signing Event @JongRo
Apr 11
CNBLUE’s Recording for SBS Star King
Apr 11
Yonghwa’s Recording for SBS 달콤한 고향 나들이
Apr 14
CNBLUE’s Mnet M! Countdown Performance
Apr 15
CNBLUE’s KBS Music Bank Performance
Apr 16
CNBLUE’s MBC Music Core Performance
Apr 17
CNBLUE’s SBS Inkigayo Performance
Apr 17
Broadcast of SNSD and CNBLUE’s Performance for MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok.
Apr 17
CNBLUE’s Fan Signing @Incheon

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