[ADMIN] Happy 4 Years YSI!

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To our  fellow GOGUMAS,

It feels like yesterday was 2010, where all of us are excited for Saturday to come, isn’t it? 

In reality, we have already spent 4 years together. At first, we were just casual acquaintance who happened to like YongHwa and SeoHyun in WGM. But, just like YongSeo’s pace in the program, little by little we became an important part of each other’s lives. Most of us became good friends, some even best of friends, and surprisingly there were a few who actually became real life couples and got married. Who would’ve thought that we will all reach this far?

We, at YSI, feel proud and honored to have reached 4 years. Our initial intention of bringing fans from different countries together to create meaningful projects for YongHwa and SeoHyun has expanded to greater things. That’s all because of you guys. Thank you for supporting all our projects since 2010 — 24 projects to be exact. Thank you for visiting us everyday, from Sweet Potato Days blog to our current website — a total of more or less 13Million page views. Thank you for keeping our chatbox alive 24/7 — from spazzing on YongSeo, discussing random topics, and even discussing assignments. Above all, thank you for not being afraid to be labeled as a YongSeo fan or a Goguma. That, alone, means so much to us.

YSI will always be here for YongHwa, SeoHyun, CNBLUE, SNSD, and Gogumas. That is a promise that we will forever keep.  😀

With lots of GOGUMA LOVE,

YongSeo International

 P.S. Apart from this message, we have prepared some goodies. We hope you’ll love them. Please support Goguma Pack 3

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