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January 1st, 20152 Comments »

Hi Gogumas, Hello 2015!

The year has just begun. We hope that everyone’s having a great start today. 🙂

This is just an important message from the team, so please take a minute to read it until the end. ^^

This year, we have decided to focus on our core purpose – supporting Jung YongHwa and Seo JuHyun. We will be more actively supporting their individual activities compared to the others. This is because 2015 is going to be a vital year for both’s personal goals and individual career. We want to be there as they expand their reach. 

To start-off of with our projects for the year, we are inviting our donors, followers, and fellow YongSeo fan groups to join us on our support project for Seo JuHyun’s second musical project, Gone With The Wind, and Jung YongHwa’s solo debut. Both are happening this month so we are soliciting for any form of help that we could get. 

support_sjh musical

support_jyh solo

We will accept donation until January 20, 2015. Send us an email at yongseointernational@gmail.com if you have questions or suggestions for the project.

For our website, you can still expect the daily news updates from us. We have added more bloggers to make sure that fans will get the updates the fastest way possible. We are also working on restructuring the team for both YSIStyles and Flash Mob. Sorry for the lack of post last year. If you feel that you can be of help of us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To end this, we would like to thank everyone who’s always been supportive, both the old timers and the new breeds. Your love for YongHwa, JuHyun, and their respective groups is what keeping YSI team around. 

We look forward to spending another year, filled with happy days, with all of you. Let’s face the 5th year of our fandom with optimism and a bigger heart. 🙂

With lots of GOGUMA LOVE,

YongSeo International 

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  1. jah says:

    Thank you for your hard work. All of you JJANG!!

  2. ela2807 says:

    Annyeong. You are jjang. *two thumbs up*

    Keep give us info and news from them. Fighting…..

    Thanx for your hard work. We will always support you. ^^


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