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130617 [Photos] CNBLUE going back to Korea at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Cr : Parishin cr. CHOIJUNG_DP


130617 [Tweet] Yonghwa gives a big shout out of love for the Philippines

Trans: Hello, I’m Yonghwa! I love Philippine I love Philippine I love Philippine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the Birthday support, it’s an unforgettable night!I’ll go have a big shout! I Love Philippine!!!…

130616 [Videos] SNSD Girls and Peace Arena Tour Wowow Broadcast

130616 [Videos] SNSD Girls and Peace Arena Tour Wowow Broadcast

130616 WOWOW Live SNSD Arena Tour(18.5G) by bluespig magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7TNPECSK6MC26MZIM7UW7OWIR4SN5ARJ cr. bugfany


130616 [News] CNBLUE receive warm welcome from thousands of Filipino BOICE + celebrate Yonghwa’s birthday

Filipino BOICEs have done it again by showing their love for CNBLUE upon their long awaited arrival in the Philippines! According to FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE attracted over a thousand fans…


130616 [News] CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa is Sorry He is Handsome

CNBlue member Jung Yong Hwa recently revealed a photo of himself, which drew attention and smiles from fans. On June 14, Jung Yong Hwa wrote on CNBlue’s official Twitter account,…


130614 [Photos] CNBLUE at Blue Moon Manila Press Conference


130614 [Photos] CNBLUE heading to Manila for Blue Moon 2013 World Tour

Press Photo


130613 [Fan Support] YongHwa Wearing Goguma Given Earrings

Cr : Jocelyn小慧

BMpPpk6CUAEIlU7.jpg large

130613 [Tweet] YongHwa: Have A Good Night~



130613 [Fan Support] 2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR IN BKK SUPPORT by YongSeo Fans ^^♥

via perfectsaturday


130613 [Message] SNSD: SONE PLUS & Staff Blog Update


130613 [Photo] SeoHyun: H Club Applications Extracte

Cr : @chelsea_SNSD9


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