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PROJECT 27: Y/OUR STORY (The First YongSeo Photo Diary)

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PROJECT 26: TTS-TTM Support Project

  Sorry for the late project summary. We had to make sure that everything has been settled prior sharing it with everyone. Thank you for always supporting us. We look…

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PROJECT 25: Goguma Pack 3



PROJECT 24: Can’t Stop Mr.Mr. Support Project

Congratulations to all Gogumas out there for another successful project! Thank you for always supporting us! P.S. Expense Report was sent to all donors and fan groups involved. 🙂


SUB PROJECT: YongSeo Lightstick


PROJECT 23: Support Project for Musical Actress Seo JuHyun

For SeoJuHyun: You’ve done a great job on your first musical. We wish you the best for the rest of the runs left. Continue reaching your dreams and we will…


PROJECT 22: Back-to-Back Drama Support Project

Thank you to everyone who helped us in making this project a big success. We hope that you will continue to support us on our future projects for Jung YongHwa,…


PROJECT 21: YongSeo’s Double Birthday Charity Project

Chinese Japanese


PROJECT 20: YongSeo 3rd Anniversary (3rd Year’s a Charm Project)

Part 1: Snack Support for Girls’ Generation and CNBLUE SNSD January 26th On MBC Music Core CNBLUE February 2nd On MBC Music Core CNBLUE February 7th On Choi Hwa Jung…


PROJECT 19: BLUE NIGHT Rice Wreath Donation


PROJECT 18: Goguma Pack 2

We started 2012 with our first Goguma Pack. Our team was very pleased when we heard good feedbacks from the fans who got their items and beyond surprised when we…


PROJECT 17: YongSeo’s 1000th Day (Sharing the YongSeo Warmth)

YongSeo’s 1000th Day Project

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