Episode 9

credit: rundevilrunsubs Episode 9 Part 1/4Episode 9 Part 2/4Episode 9 Part 3/4Episode 9 Part 4/4

[6.1.2010] YongHwa in Vogue Girl

Excerpt from the July issue of Vogue Girl as posted by krystie_hoshina on soompi—- Vogue Girl: You’re not feeling very well recently, right? Are your vocal cord nodules symptoms getting…

Episode 8

credit: rundevilrunsubs Episode 8 Part 1/4Episode 8 Part 2/4Episode 8 Part 3/4Episode 8 Part 4/4

[5.29.2010] Interview on Kim Heechul’s Young Street

This was just after YongHwa had been released from the hospital so he wasn’t able to speak. Kim Heechul interrogates YongHwa about the lost ring incident. Some parts translated by…

[5.28.2010] CNBlue On SuKiRa

YongHwa and his CNBlue bandmates were guests on  Leetuk and EunHyuk’s radio show SuKiRa (Super Junior Kiss the Radio). The interview happened the day after YongHwa’s release from hospital so…

[5.24.2010] Jung Yonghwa admitted to hospital after We Got Married recording

As posted on allkpop: Fatigue has once again struck another K-pop star and this time it’s CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa.It was reported that Jung Yonghwa has just completed filming for We…

[5.23.2010] Yong Wears the Ring As a Pendant

Episode 7

Credit: codenameblue@youtube Episode 7 Part 1/3Episode 7 Part 2/3Episode 7 Part 3/3 Thank you so much Omonoona!!!

[5.22.2010] Dream Concert 2010 & 100 Day Anniversary!

The Sweet Potaot couple were spotted meeting briefly on stage after the Dream Concert ended. There is speculation they might have left together (for filming, since it is their 100…

[5.22.2010] Yong Drops the Ring!

Yong accidentally drops the ring while performing “Love” on MBC Music Core. His anxious reaction and attempts to look for the ring were caught on camera. Luckily he did find…

[5.16.2010] Yong talks about Hyun in Singles Magazine

credit: asiae.co.kr + klaritia@soompi + codenamebluetranslator: saturn@soompi Excerpts: ————– They attracted not only girls, but also nunas with their boy looks and honest characters. Their daily life and ideal types…

[5.13.2010] Hyun Gives Husband Yong a Gift

Seohyun presented an expensive gift to Yonghwa on MBC’s “We Got Married”. Seohyun’s surprise gift of Propolis (Natural Honey antibiotics) to Yonghwa at the filming site of WGM. Yonghwa was…


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