Episode 5 Preview

credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube

Episode 4

After the amusement park Yong and Hyun head back to Yong’s practice studio. They do an impromptu duet of Falling Slowly with Yong playing the guitar and Hyun on the…

[Interview][3.19.2010] SeoHyun, who do you like better?

On Starry Night Radio Hyun was asked whether she liked Johnny Depp or YongHwa better. Who did she pick? Continue reading to watch the subbed video… [ENG SUB] 100319 –…

[WGM][3.19.2010] Film Interview and Meetup

Yong and Hyun tape their interviews for episode 8.Some time that day they also meet up to go over their next mission which they find out is to watch the…

[WGM][3.16.2010] Celebrating 22-Day

Hyun suggests they donate blood to celebrate their 22-day anniversary. Unfortunately when they get to the donation center they find out that Yong is unable to donate. To make up…

Episode 3

In Episode 3, Yong and Hyun meet at the bus stop and ride the bus to a bookstore. Hyun recommends several self-development  books to Yong while he suggests she get…

[Interview][3.13.2010] SNSD KBS Story Show Delight Taping

Hyun flashes her ring. Continue below the cut to see the video Hyun flashes the ring @ 5:57 The episode aired May 4 2010. credit: tedtdy @ youtube

Episode 2

Yong and Hyun head to ShinDangDong for a late night (early morning) dukkbogi at a “Grandmother Restaurant”. SeoHyun presents YongHwa with her statement of commitment and asks him to write…

[MISC][3.5.2010] CNBLUE & SNSD at Music Core

You can see CNBlue boys standing behind SNSD during the announcement of the winner. In fact look closely at around 0:45 and see if you can spot YongHwa. LOL That…

[WGM][3.3.2010] Meet With CNBlue In-laws

* this date is estimated based on fan accounts  

[2.27.2010] First Episode Airs

Episode 1 YongHwa and SeoHyun meet for the first time at the MBC lobby. YongHwa gets JungShin to pretend to be the husband; but, when SeoHyun is asked to pick…

[2.25.2010] Love Radio


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