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130421 [Photo] SooYoung, Jessica, SeoHyun and Tiffany update on SONE PLUS+ 130420

Trans: Tomorrow will be the last concert, It’s saddening when we think of this… Since it’s the last we shall enjoy it to the max! Let’s paint Osaka with pink…


130417 [Tweet] CNBLUE: ‘Pretty Boy Party‘

Translation: (By cnblue4u) Hi I’m Minhyuk. For Juniel’s party on the 25th, all CNBLUE members are getting ready. Because we are cute boys… keke Surrounding cute boys and wearing cute…


130416 [Message/Photo] Taeyeon, Tiffany & Seohyun official website picture and message (130414)

안녕하세요.매주 토요일 MBC 쇼! 음악중심에서 여러분과 함께 했던 MC 태연, 티파니, 서현이 어제 마지막 인사를 드렸는데요.함께 해 주신 모든 분들. 특히 매주 본방사수 해 주신 분들.. 잊지 않고 현장에 직접…


130408 [Weibo] CNBLUE update their Weibo with thankfulness to Taiwanese fans (130408)

대만보이스! 저이제가요ㅠㅠㅠ흑… 어제의 전율을 안고 돌아갑니다 !ㅜ 감사해요! 멋진공연이었습니다! 잊지못할거에요… 한분한분께 감사하다고 전하고싶지만 그러지 못해서 아쉽네요! 자주자주 찾아올게요!! 다시한번 감사드립니다! Translation:   Taiwanese Boice! I have to leave now ㅠㅠㅠ…


130407 [Tweet/Trans] Yonghwa thanking fans for the success of Blue Moon in Taipei

Trans: Everyone, the concert has ended. I’m Yonghwa! Sincerely thank you to all the Taiwanese fans for playing hard for us! I will never forget tonight. Also the Korean fans…

130406 [Video] 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia – Girls’ Generation

130406 [Video] 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia – Girls’ Generation

Cr : MarctensiaConcerts


130405 [Tweet] YongHwa says ‘Good Morning’

Translation: Morning everyone, I’m Yonghwa! Wow finally ! Our World Tour begins..Start from Taiwain !!!! We’re coming back to make good memories and performances! Everyone please also look forward to…

130401 [Video] CNBLUE: Photo Shoot For "anan"

130401 [Video] CNBLUE: Photo Shoot For "anan"

Cr : Magazinehousemovie

130330 [Tweet/Photo] Yonghwa and Minhyuk having fun at FNC workshop

Trans: Everyone~ Just went to FNC Workshop today! Ah…It was really fun keke did you envy? Photo’s Concept is The Complement of Workshop. Have a nice weekend everyone, keke cr….

130330 [Photo] Seohyun on SONE Plus + Japan Mobile Fansite

Trans: Our second Japan Tour that started on February 9th already finished 14 concerts!! I’m sad… (>_

130327 [Tweet/Trans] CNBLUE shows hardwork during their practice in preparation for their world tour

[Trans] Everyone, it’s been a while! I’m Yonghwa ㅎ We’re in the midst of practicing for World Tour. ㅎ It’s gonna be fun performances and I got intuition that it…


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