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Put in a casual way, we’re viewers of the show “We Got Married” on MBC, and specifically, those who enjoy watching the YongSeo Couple.

However, the truth goes deeper than that. We come from all walks of life – Asia, North America, Europe, and even Australia – and we all have interesting stories to tell about how, and why, we became enamored with the simple story of two strangers that met one late night.

Some of us seek a respite from our tedious monotonic lives, and find it in the storybook fairytalethat Yonghwa and Seohyun never fail to provide for us. Some of us see them as our own children, to be cared and nurtured for, and seeing them brings a smile to our faces.

Others are more platonic – they see the YongSeo Couple for what they are intended to be – a TV couple – and encourage them to never lose track of each other and keep their friendship. They don’t presume to immediately conclude that they love each other, but they don’t dismiss them out of hand, either.

Then there are the people who are fans of the individuals, and only found out about the YongSeo Couple because either he or she was doing it, and managed to fall in love with the other side.

So, we can’t be, nor do we want to be, nor should we be, categorized under a simple umbrella term of “YongSeo fans” – because we’re so, so much more than that.

I’m starting out for the first time. What should I know?

First of all, welcomeWe hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Before you start, you should know this about Seohyun

  • She loves, loves, loves sweet potatoes.
  • She’s a health nut.
  • She not interested in boys. Never was, never has been.

You should know this about Jung Yonghwa:

  • He’s fresh off his role as Kang Shinwoo in “You’re Beautiful”.
  • He’s a rookie, having just made his debut a week prior the first episode.
  • He’s from Busan.

You should know this about Girl’s Generation:

  • All the other members care about Seohyun.
  • They’re worried that she’ll die a widow. (Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration.)
  • They’re in the middle of their “Oh!” promotions when SeoHyun joined We Got Married.

You should know this about CN Blue:

  • The group aims to be a “grandpa band” in the future.
  • Yonghwa’s the new leader. The previous leader was Jonghyun.
  • They actually debuted in Japan well before their Korean debut.

Okay. What else should I know?

  • YongSeo is a journey. Enjoy it.
  • Like all journeys, there’s a destination, but that’s not the important part.
  • Out of all WGM couples, YongSeo is the one where you can learn the most from.

Et Cetera – Stuff and Other Things You Should Know

  • Why “Jungshin Chingoo”? It’s Seohyun’s name for Lee Jungshin, the bassist for CN Blue. She gave him the name during their first meeting, and it stuck.
  • MBC, had to cancel WGM for weeks due to management strike issue and also to give respect to wake of the Cheonan disaster. This decision of MBC broke the hearts of many gogumas, but they survived it by watching the past episodes over and over again 🙂
  • YongSeo loves handmade stuff. Scarves, storybooks…you name it.
  • We have a vibrant fanfiction community: gogumafics.livejournal.com
  • Out of the original 3 couples of Season 2, only the Khuntoria Couple (Nichkhun/Victoria) remained for Season 3.

Goguma Terminology

  • Ring ding dong/Precious: affectionate names for their couple rings.
  • Gollum: YongSeo fans who obsess over their couple rings. Does stuff such as: pore over photos, compare before/after pics, analyze every speck of dust on their fingers, etc.
  • Go-chun/in-go-paem: refers to the YongSeo fan community. Taken without permission from many of Yonghwa’s shudder-inducing one-liners.
  • Sorry for my poor English: a statement that can be found at literally the end of every other post made by a YongSeo fan. Most of the time, their English is perfectly fine. So, next time, please be more confident gogumas 🙂
  • YONGSEO IS REAL: Not to be taken literally. Embraces the hopes of all fans worldwide that Yonghwa and Seohyun could possibly harbor true love.
  • Delusional: a word thrown around whenever someone posts something that is clearly, without a doubt, stretching the definition of reality

ARTICLE BY: Seung@YongSeoInternational


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