PROJECT 26: TTS-TTM Support Project

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[OTHER MODES OF DONATION] For China [Through Zhifubao] ayhy1601yyc@sina.com [Through Bank] Bank: Bank of China Account Name: Yuchen Yin Account Number: 6013 8261 0400 7323 107 For Indonesia [Through Bank]…


141030 [Photo] CNBLUE: Arena Tour in Tokyo – Day 2

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Fan Taken Cr : as tagged

141030 [Video] TTS : MCountdown Begin

141030 [Video] Mnet Japan Mcountdown Begins – TaeTiSeo Cut

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Cr : an x Download Torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5YRDWE5VOONKGUT6IGKXB6IB7T4FAT6W


141030 [Message] CNBLUE: Finished 2nd day Arena Tour – Wave, in Budokan

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Earlier; they have a WAVE fan signing Cr : @fncmusicjapan


141030 [News] Jung Yong Hwa’s thoughts on ending ‘The Three Musketeers’… “Grows up more as an actor”

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Actor Jung Yong Hwa conveyed his thoughts on ending tvN Sunday drama ‘The Three Musketeers’. Jung Yong Hwa showed his humbleness by saying, “I thank audiences that showed love toward…


141029 [Photo] CNBLUE: Arena Tour in Tokyo – Day 1

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Listen & Download Cr : kaka960960  Fan Taken Cr : as tagged


141029 [Announcement] YS Baidu Bar 2015 Calendar & Lightstick order info

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141029 [Photo/Video] CNBLUE & SNSD: Korean Music Wave in Beijing on 141025

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Photo | AnNe (an07ne) | Cr : as tagged Press Conference Performance


141029 [Photo] CNBLUE: KWAVE NO.35 – Special Edition All About CNBLUE

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Compilation by @Maestro_Blue


141029 [Photo] YongHwa to Japan for Arena Tour-Wave (141028)

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Fan Taken | The Blues | Beautiful JYH | Cr : as tagged


141029 [Photo] TTS for MIXXO

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Cr : mixxo Cr : mixxo.com & Mixxo FB


141029 [Message] YongHwa: The concert is over ~^^

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Translation: The concert has ended~^^ Thank you, as always. I also want to have a concert in Korea soon! Once again, thank you!” (by vebyoktia @cnbluestorm.com) Cr : @JYHeffect 

141029 [Video] Girls’ Generation-TTS – HOLLER by MNET MPD at SIA

141029 [Video] Girls’ Generation-TTS – HOLLER by MNET MPD at SIA

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Cr : Ch. MPD

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