PROJECT 30: CNBLUE Comeback Support Project


PROJECT 29: SNSD Comeback Support Project

Thank you for helping us make another support project for SNSD possible. Good job, Gogumas!


160519 [Photo] YongHwa: MBC Infinite Challenge still photo

Cr : MBC  


160519 [Photo/Video] SeoHyun: Mamma Mia at the Charlotte Theater

Fan Taken View post on imgur.com Cr : as tagged 160519 Seohyun at Charlotte Theater (Mamma Mia) After #Seohyun #서현 #서주현 มาเก็บศพเราเถอะ น้องซอพูดไทยหลายคำเลยยย pic.twitter.com/2zT1nDoCsY — เมียหลวงควอนยูริ (@Gameiiz_) May 19, 2016…


160519 [Message] Yonghwa: Infinite Challenge Wedding Singer Chorus guide ver

Instagram 무도 웨딩싱어즈 코러스 가이드 ver . Mudo <- ㅋㅋ…. A video posted by 정용화 (@jyheffect0622) on May 18, 2016 at 9:35pm PDT From > jyheffect0622 Translation By ‏@wgmyongseo2  Weibo…


160519 [Photo] Yonghwa: New ad for SKIN79

Cr : SKIN79


160518 [Photo/Video] SeoHyun: Press conference for So,I Married An AntiFan

More photo will be upload later View post on imgur.com Cr : as tagged Video 듕국브이앱이 싱기한 애깅 😍 pic.twitter.com/OVQpkhReIb — 뭉게 (@_moongge) May 19, 2016 대기실에서 장차오랑 인사하는 주혀니…


160518 [Message] YongHwa: Celebrate that I’m finally home

Instagram 자축하는 의미로 떡제작 (p.s 집 도착 축하ㅋㅋ 그냥 먹고싶었다는 것은 안비밀..) A photo posted by 정용화 (@jyheffect0622) on May 17, 2016 at 11:53pm PDT From > jyheffect0622 Translation By…


160518 [Photo/Video] SeoHyun: To Beijing (So,I Married An AntiFan Press Conference)

Press Photo More photo will be upload later View post on imgur.com [COMPILATION] 160518 Seohyun at Gimpo Airport to Beijing (84 press pics) https://t.co/DR8FJAwZys #SNSD pic.twitter.com/WCRmPtxyLe — Angel Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (@nineangels_)…


160518 [Photo/Video] YongHwa at Guangzhou airport, back to Korea

Fan Taken Cr : as tagged China View post on imgur.com Korea   View post on imgur.com 2016.5.18 광저우>>인천 입국 미리보기 #정용화 pic.twitter.com/rGOZJLdkNR — Beautiful JYH (@BeautifulJyh) May 18, 2016…


160518 [Message] SeoHyun autograph from ‘jm_studio_o’ Instagram

#소녀시대 #Girls’sGeneration #서현#사인#녹음실 #녹음 #JMStudio A photo posted by JMStudio (@jm_studio_o) on May 16, 2016 at 12:08pm PDT From > jm_studio_o Translation Autograph message “I will come back again to…

160518 [Video] CNBLUE: THE CLASS 2016 SUMMER Making Film

160518 [Video] CNBLUE: THE CLASS 2016 SUMMER Making Film

Cr : CNBLUECL Channel Original video Cr : The Class FB


160518 [Message] SeoHyun: I will go to China on May 18th to join the movie “So I Married an Anti-Fan” press conference~

Weibo Translation By soshistagramtrans From > seohyun徐玄


160517 [Photo] SeoHyun’s earpieces JH16PRO from Soundcat Facebook

Cr : Soundcat FB

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