170327 [Message] YongHwa from ‘aboutmeshop_official’ Instagram

. <#어바웃미_스타뷰티> 뽀얀 광채가 시선집중, 정용화가 추천하는 환절기 뷰티템은 #스킨톤업피니쉬크림. 스킨케어 마지막 단계에 발라주면 피부 톤은 맑게, 피부 속은 촉촉하게.???? – #SkinToneUpFinishCream is #JungYongHwa 's recommended seasonal beauty item for…


170317 [Photo] SeoHyun: At airport back from Bali

Press Photo View post on [COMPILATION] 170317 Seohyun at Incheon Airport from Bali (37 press pics) #SNSD #Seohyun — Angel Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (@nineangels_) March 17, 2017


170314 [Photo/Video] SeoHyun at Incheon Airport heading to Bali (170312)

Press Photo View post on


170211 [Message] SeoHyun: Happy Birthday to SooYoung!

Instagram HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SY sis!!!!!!♡ 셩언니~~생일 츄카츄카했셩????????????????????❤ A photo posted by seo ju hyun(seo hyun) (@seojuhyun_s) on Feb 10, 2017 at 7:19am PST [TRANS] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SY sis!!!!!!♡Syoung…


170120 [Message] SeoHyun from ‘EETOTALART’ Twitter

#seohyun cupcake girl ????style by #eetotalart — EE PPPB 이윤정 (@EETOTALART) January 20, 2017 Cr : @EETOTALART


161230 [Message] YongHwa from ‘tonyhong1004’ Instagram

한해 다들 고생했다. 힘내자. #정용화 #성혁 #해인 A photo posted by Tonyhong1004 (@tonyhong1004) on Dec 27, 2016 at 8:28am PST 오랜만에 보는 자랑스러운 동생들. #박태환 #cnblue #민혁 한해잘마무리하고. 내년에도 더…


160519 [Photo/Video] SeoHyun: Mamma Mia at the Charlotte Theater

Fan Taken View post on Cr : as tagged 160519 Seohyun at Charlotte Theater (Mamma Mia) After #Seohyun #서현 #서주현 มาเก็บศพเราเถอะ น้องซอพูดไทยหลายคำเลยยย — เมียหลวงควอนยูริ (@Gameiiz_) May 19, 2016…


160409 [Message] SeoHyun from ‘soumyabardhan’ Instagram

감사합니다 #@seojuhyun_s Was an absolute pleasure 🙂 #girlsgeneration #snsd #seojuhyun #seohyun A photo posted by Rahul (@soumyabardhan) on Apr 9, 2016 at 5:27am PDT From > soumyabardhan


PROJECT 30: CNBLUE Comeback Support Project


PROJECT 29: SNSD Comeback Support Project

Thank you for helping us make another support project for SNSD possible. Good job, Gogumas!


PROJECT 28: SJH’s GWTW Musical and JYH’s Solo Debut Support Project

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